Danny Briley


I started in fire protection in 1971 for Tn.-Ky. Sprinkler Co. in the fabrication shop. In 1973 I went to work in the field installing systems. I worked my apprenticeship until I became a Fitter and then Foreman. In 1978 I went to work for Grinnell as a foreman. I worked with Grinnell until I went into business partnered with 2 other fire protection foremen with a Company called ABB Fire Protection. Around 1980 I left ABB and went to work on the road and during this time I worked for various fire protection companies including Culligan Fire Protection in Nashville, TN, Corboy in Chicago, Illinois, and Automatic in Cincinatti, Ohio. I also spent approximately 18 months working with Local 572 pipefitting in a nuclear power plant.

In 1984 I came to work for Tn.-KY. Automatic Sprinkler Co. as field superintendent. I served in that capacity managing the field, coordination of piping delivery and installation and system acceptance until 1986.

On Dec. 1, 1986 I bought into ownership of Tn.-Ky. Sprinkler with 2 other partners and have been part owner since that time.

On Dec. 1, 2008 my 2 partners retired and myself and a new partner purchased their shares in Tn.-Ky Sprinkler and I have been in the position of President until the present.

I served apprenticeship through Local 669 partnered with Penn State and became a Journeyman in 1977.

I hold a NICET Level III Certification and have a Tennessee License for installation of fire protection systems, RME # 219.

Bill Jones

Executive Vice President

I began working at Tenn-Ky Sprinkler in June of 1991, I was hired in to learn to be a fire sprinkler designer. I spent the first 2 years working in the shop, the field and in the office to learn all aspects of the trade.

I started full time in design work in 1993, where I learned autocad computer design. I worked my way up to project manager in the following years, I was responsible for all aspects of the job from sales, to design, to listing of fabrication, to seeing that it was installed properly upon completion. I, as well, worked in sales and design build off-and-on during this period, starting from smaller jobs and working my way up.

In 1998, I received Nicet Level III certification and became a license holder in the field of sprinkler systems. In 1999, I was promoted to vice president and mainly my role remained was the same, but with more emphasis on the business roles of projects and the within the company.

In 2008, I became a partner in Tenn-Ky Sprinkler, my current duties are sales, project management and the day to day operations of the office. Currently I am Executive Vice President.

Eric Briley

Vice President

I began working for Tn- Ky Sprinkler in August of 94 in the fabrication shop to learn all the components of sprinkler systems. After a short time I went into the field to install sprinkler systems. In mid-1994 I started as a helper and worked my way up to a foreman. I remained a Foreman installing sprinkler systems from large contracts to inspections until 2000. From 2000 until 2002, I was a foreman for Atlantic Coast Fire protection and Complete Fire protection. From 2002 to 2003, I went to work for Fire Sprinkler. In 2003, I came back to work for Tn-Ky Sprinkler in the office to learn all aspects of the trade. My roles are project management, sales, safety and design.

Roger Brooks

I began working at Tenn-Ky Sprinkler in September of 1985, where I started out as a helper. After a few short years I started running work as a Foreman. In 1995, I came into the office to be the Field Supt. My responsibilities are getting the men lined-out, making sure everyone is doing their jobs properly, walk through job sites with Fire Marshals, the selling of day works, and billing of all of the day works.

Debbie Nugent

Office Manager & Accounts

Debbie has been employed since 2000. Debbie works for the company as Office Manager and manages the accounts and billing. Married to Bruce, 2 daughters and 5 grandchildren. Enjoys spending time with grandchildren and friends.

Debbie Searcy

Debbie Searcy has been employed with Tenn-Ky Automatic Sprinkler Co. since January 2006. Her responsibilities include weekly payroll, phone calls and general office duties that arise on a day to day basis.